Service Request

Warranty Information Available Here

These steps will help us get the information we need to service your instrument and get it back to you fast.

1. Contact Archer Medical Devices LLC
Telephone: 859-721-0713
2. Tell us who you are
Your name
Mailing address
Email and phone number
How you prefer to be contacted
3. Let us know about your instrument and service issue
Serial Number of device
Date purchased and distributor
Repair or service issue
4. Do you need to ship your instrument for service
Talk with us over the phone, trough e-mail or video Skype/Facetime
We will help you with adjustments or mail easially replaced parts like a broken cap or accessories covered by the warranty
5. Ship instrument requiring service
Send your instrument with tracking to: Repairs, Archer Medical Devices LLC, PO Box 24306, Lexington, KY 40524
Email your tracking number to:
Print and complete the information requested in the Service_Shipping_Form link.
Send your instrument only and do not include the packaging or accessories.
Priority mail in a small flat-rate box or padded-envelope works well. 
Print and complete the Service_Shipping_Form.  Include the form with your instrument when shipping for service.  If you do not have a printer a hand-written note will suffice.

Warranty Information Available Here

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